Why Hire a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Service?


4 Paws ~N~ Claws is where pets thrive on routine and familiarity. Their home is their sanctuary, and some animals simply get nervous when boarded at a kennel. A pet sitting service can alleviate that nervousness while guaranteeing that your pets get the food, medicine and attention that they're used to throughout the day.  Our home is far from being "Kennel Boarding" (unless this is what the pet is used to).  We thrive in being an active family environment for your pet.


A well exercised dog is less likely to display destructive behavior in your home. Providing a stimulating break during the day could help prevent separation anxiety, which can be painstaking to treat. Also, an environment away from home with ample space to play can alleviate your pet from missing you!


Because most of us work full time it is almost impossible for us to provide all of what our dogs need without help. Seeking the services of a professional dog walker is a great way to get the help you need.


Whether you need dog walking or cat sitting, our pet sitting and dog walking team conforms our schedule to fit their normal routines. If your pet is our guest during your absence, we continue with their routine so that we make their stay as pleasant and inviting as possible.


We offer the following special services to your pets:



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